Quantified Infant Life and Sleep Deprivation

A month ago, my husband and I officially entered parenthood and sleep is a long forgotten luxury that I sorely miss. Everyone keeps telling me it will return and I grin and nod while I mentally pull a face at them. I know that just knowing the torture will end, isn’t enough to make it […]

Baby Wearables and Monitor Woes

Baby Wearables and Monitor Woes So here we are, the Quantified Life movement hit a peak the past few years and out came a dozen new wearables for all walks of life. And thanks to crowdfunding, new indie companies have had the chance to try their hand at making wearables for things we would never […]

Open Source Means Options

Let me start by saying I am an advocate for options. And I have no intention of swaying your opinion on a technology eco-system that you’ve found to work for you. That’s awesome and I’m glad for you, because for me it’s an ongoing search to add more and more interchangeable options that work well […]

HIPAA, Medical Record Rights, and Privacy

You’re going to hear me repeat a phrase on this blog, over and over again, in hopes that it will stick. And even though it’s simple, I want you to take it to heart. My goal is for you to own your data. Now what I mean by this is that I want each and […]

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