Open Source Means Options

Let me start by saying I am an advocate for options. And I have no intention of swaying your opinion on a technology eco-system that you’ve found to work for you. That’s awesome and I’m glad for you, because for me it’s an ongoing search to add more and more interchangeable options that work well […]

HIPAA, Medical Record Rights, and Privacy

You’re going to hear me repeat a phrase on this blog, over and over again, in hopes that it will stick. And even though it’s simple, I want you to take it to heart. My goal is for you to own your data. Now what I mean by this is that I want each and […]

Blog Redirection

Up until this point, my blog has been an information sharing platform for me, I haven’t really gone into opinion pieces. This isn’t due to a lack of opinion on situations but my deciding how to open up on certain topics. Being in the security field tends to make one paranoid about what you present […]

GIRLS! – Commercial for GoldieBlox Toys

GIRLS! – Commercial for GoldieBlox Toys If we want our girls to recognize they can be involved in STEM programs (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), then we need to start including them in these activities. GoldieBlox toys has a campaign right now to air their toys geared to teach girls engineering, for the Super Bowl. […]

ETHEL IS HOT (LOL) – New Book Kickstarter Campaign

ETHEL IS HOT (LOL) – New Book Kickstarter Campaign Several months ago I reviewed a book aimed at parents, which educated them on the dangers and warning signs of Cyberbullying. Now the same authors have a campaign for a new book. Please read their summary below and help support their efforts. Help us bring ETHEL […]

Google engineer: DRM has nothing to do with piracy

A different spin on the real purpose of DRM, that has nothing to do with piracy but potential revenue streams. Is DRM really about controlling piracy, or does it serve a different function altogether? In a Google+ conversation, Google engineer Ian Hickson argues that digital rights management (DRM), often found embedded within products including DVDs […]

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