R.I.T. President Desler Retiring 2017


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Rochester Institute of Technology president Bill Destler announced on Monday that he is retiring at the end of the next school year.

In a statement, Destler said, “It has been a privilege to lead RIT alongside such great students, faculty and alumni.” He credited “RIT’s transformation into one of the world’s great universities to them.”

Destler, 69, also released a video with his wife, Rebecca Johnson, saying that he has mixed emotions about retiring and that his years at RIT have been the most fulfilling of his professional career.

“As we enter our final year,  RIT cannot rest on its laurels,” said Destler in his video message.

When he retires at the end of June 2017, he will have served 10 years as president of RIT.

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This is a pretty sad announcement. Our entire R.I.T. career was under Dr. Desler. Between his constantly upbeat attitude and how many major changes he made for the school, he will be missed as the President. There were a couple of things he did that the students weren’t on board with (the switch to semesters and the focus on traditional sports when RIT is a tech school) but ya know, he’s done a great job overall. He renovated so many parts of the school, so many new buildings and beautiful additions to the campus. Such as Global Village, the bookstore area, the new apartment complexes, the Alumni House, the several new schools. It’s just been amazing watching RIT go from being on the edge of the city, barely needing stop signs because of how low the traffic was, to such a major spot.

I know we left in 2014, but it’s still a sad moment. But life goes on and I’m sure he will have an amazing retirement. I will leave with one of his student favorite songs from his album he put out.