Article: Europol shuts down largest cyberattack-for-hire website

A website that police say was behind millions of cyberattacks has been closed following a series of international arrests.

Europol said Wednesday morning that it’s shut down, a page that carried out distributed denial-of-service attacks for a price, sometimes as cheap as $18.26 a month. The page had more than 136,000 users and carried out 4 million attacks by April, according to Europol, the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation.

DDoS attacks are capable of taking out websites and servers by flooding an address with so many requests that it’s forced offline. In 2016, the Dyn attack managed to temporarily shut down major websites like Twitter, Spotify and Reddit. Hackers need access to a massive amount of devices to carry out these attacks — usually with hijacked internet of things (IoT) gadgets — but websites like could offer that service to anyone willing to pay.

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