Micro Theme – Otaku

Micro theme – Otaku

 MIT – Japanese Pop Culture

What is an Otaku? Well, in simple terms, it’s a fan. An obsessed fan. It doesn’t matter what they are a fan of, the possibilities are endless, but they must be dedicated.

1)       Are Otaku different from fans? How so?

I believe they are different than normal fans, a person can be a fan of something without becoming obsessed. They can have other hobbies, other interests, and move onto another topic with ease. An Otaku is a person who’s life revolves around whatever they are obsessed over.


2)       Notice the conversation when Kubo goes out with his friends. Everyone is talking about consumer items. How different is this from what the otaku do?

The Otaku reflect the conversation back to their obsession, rather than explore the conversation. They tend to draw the conversation back to what is at the forefront of their mind.


3)       Is criticism of Otaku a form of discrimination? Why or why not?

The Otaku suffering from the criticism would feel isolated and discriminated against. Because they would not understand why the person cannot understand their obsession and feelings. The person giving the criticism however may mean it as a way to help the person, not to be cruel. When they feel that someone is suffering in other areas of life, they feel that the obsession gets in the way and stunts the person in their overall happiness in life. If they lose their obsession, what will be left? I feel that with proper psychological review, it will be determined whether the person suffers from a mental illness that is the root cause of the obsession, that the obsession will be determined as a byproduct of a deeper issue. This does not mean a person cannot be discriminated against, simply because they have an illness or issue, discrimination is determined by how the person is treated due to their problem or behavior.






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