About Me

About Me


“I Can Sleep When The Wind Blows”

Hello and welcome to my blog. I am an Information Security Analyst and Writer. Which means I focus on information security policy development, design of security policy, security education, training, and awareness activities and programs. Monitoring compliance of policy and applicable law in the field. Investigating security incidents and writing Incident Response SOP, disaster recovery, safety, and risk assessment. I seem to have a knack for documentation writing and management. I am not the traditional pen tester however it is involved in the process. I mainly focus on writing policy and legal procedure but I personally think that’s a good thing, since so many times the documentation falls to the wayside.

I majored in Information Security & Forensics (which was later changed to the Computing Security degree) at the Rochester Institute of Technology (R.I.T.) in Rochester, New York. But now I am focusing on certifications such as Security+, CISA, CEH, and eventually the CISSP.

I also went to Southeastern Louisiana University (S.L.U.) in Louisiana, for Psychology and Criminal Justice. I have also taken additional courses at Louisiana Tech University in Info Security. I have always worked in the computer field and have spent the better part of a decade in the Telecommunications industry. With my interest in Criminal Justice, my experience in the tech field and telecom, it was a natural progression to focus on Computer Crime.

This blog’s focus is on my school and personal projects related to Info Security. I will try to keep it upbeat and fun and include pictures. Lots and lots of pictures.

So please explore around, I have included my bookshelf, which will hold a plethora of books I have read or plan to, either for work, classes, or just for fun. I have a section specifically for my particular classes I have taken or need to take, both through my degree and as enrichment courses. As I believe that this is a field in which you can never stop learning. I have accepted my fate as a lifelong academic and I enjoy it, so that’s a plus.

So thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your stay!