MIT – Beginning Japanese II

Course Meeting Times

Lectures: 4 sessions / week, 1 hour / session

Course Objectives and Procedures

This course covers Lessons 7-12A of the JSL (Japanese: the Spoken Language, Part 1), enhancing the basic skills for conversation, reading and writing. In class, we will emphasize the development of your communicative skills (i.e., your actual use of Japanese in contexts). By the end of this semester, you are expected to carry on a daily conversation with Japanese people.

This course will stress active command of Japanese, not passive knowledge. There are two types of classes, FACT and ACT. FACT classes will provide grammar information, cultural information, etc. In ACT classes, all the activities will be conducted only in Japanese, and you’ll be asked to perform assigned CCs (Core Conversations). Keep in mind that you must be able to PERFORM or ACT OUT assigned CCs! Come to classes well prepared.

Required Texts

H. Jorden, Eleanor, and Mari Noda. Japanese: the Spoken Language, Part 1. Yale University Press, 1987.

Kana-Kanji Version of Japanese: the Spoken Language 7-12.


Daily Grade 35% *
Hourly Exam 10%
Oral Interview Exam 15%
Lesson Quizzes (L7-L10) 25% **
Vocabulary and Kanji Quizzes 10% ***
Class Participation 5%

* The four lowest daily grades will be dropped at the end of the term.
** The lowest LQ score will be dropped at the end of the term.
*** The four lowest Vocabulary and Kanji quiz scores will be dropped at the end of the term.

There will be NO MAKE-UPs for missed performances and quizzes.

Daily Grade

Your performance of CCs in ACT classes will be graded on the daily basis. We will also grade your class participation during ACT classes. Instructors will grade your CC performance/class participation, using the following scale:

10: excellent (near native)
9: very good / strong performance; with a very few minor mistakes
8: fair performance with some mistakes or weakness
7: prepared, but weak in major areas
6: present, but evidently unprepared
0: absent / attended a different section without giving prior notice

Exams and Quizzes

There are two oral interview exams and an hourly exam. A Vocabulary Quiz is given in each FACT class, and a 20-to-25-minute Lesson Quiz is given at the end of each lesson. There are also a few Kanji quizzes.

Attendance Policy

Because of the cumulative nature of language learning, it is essential that you attend all sessions and keep up with the course work on a daily basis. Please follow the online Weekly Schedule and come to class well-prepared.

You must regularly attend the class section which you are registered in, unless you have made official arrangements with the instructors at the beginning of the semester. If you have to attend a section other than your regular section on a particular day, you must notify the instructors at least one day in advance.

Only in case of an emergency you may be allowed to participate in class activities and quizzes in a different section without the aforementioned one-day-in-advance permission from the instructors. Oversleeping is NOT regarded as an emergency.

Other Information

You should try your best never to fall behind. Any student who feels he/she is behind is encouraged to see an instructor and discuss the situation with her before it is too late.

Students are expected to come to class in time. Coming in late not only results in missed performances and quizzes that may not be made up for, but also distracts other students.

The Humanities Concentration for Japanese is Japanese I-IV or II-IV.


In the calendar below references to “L” refer to the lesson number and subsection in the required text, ‘Japanese: The Spoken Language, Part 1’, by Eleanor H. Jorden with Mari Noda, Yale University Press, 1987.

1 Orientation
Review of L.1-6
L.7A Vocabulary Quiz (Classifiers will not be included)
2 L.7A
Review of L.4-5
L.7B Vocabulary Quiz (Classifiers will not be included)
3 L.7B Lesson 7 Kanji Quiz
4 L.8A Lesson Quiz 6, 7
L.8A Vocabulary Quiz (Classifiers will not be included)
5 L.8B L.8B Vocabulary Quiz
Lesson Quiz 8
6 L.9A L.9A Vocabulary Quiz
Lesson 8 Kanji Quiz
7 L.9B Oral Interview 1
L.9B Vocabulary Quiz
8 L.9B, L.10A Lesson 9 Kanji Quiz
Lesson Quiz 9
L.10A Vocabulary Quiz (Classifiers will not be included)
9 L.10A
10 L.10B L.10B Vocabulary Quiz
Lesson Quiz 10
11 L.11A L.11A Vocabulary Quiz
Lesson 10 Kanji Quiz
12 L.11A, L.11B L.11B Vocabulary Quiz
13 L.11B
Oral Interview 2
Hour Exam
14 L.12A


Lesson 7: Reading 1 (PDF); Reading 2 (PDF)
Lesson 8: Preliminary Reading (PDF); Reading 1 (PDF), Reading 2 (PDF)
Lesson 9: Reading 1 (PDF); Reading 2 (PDF)
Lesson 10: Reading 1 (PDF); Reading 2 (PDF)
Lesson 11: Reading 1 (PDF); Reading 2 (PDF)


In the table below references to “L” refer to the lesson number and subsection in the required text, ‘Japanese: the Spoken Language, Part 1’, by Eleanor H. Jorden with Mari Noda, Yale University Press, 1987. References to JSL are to this textbook as well.

1-1 Orientation
Review of L.1-6
Review of L.1-6
1-2 L.7A FACT
L.7 Kanji Introduction: [Study on-line]Also, bring your Kana-Kanji version of JSL for your reference.NOTE: Although the classifiers are excluded from the vocabulary quiz, you will be required to use them in the ACT classes. Practice them well beforehand!
L.7A Vocabulary Quiz (Classifiers will not be included)
1-3 L.7A CCs 1-2
L.7A Drills A-G
2-1 L.7A
Review of L.4-5
L.7A CCs 3-4
L.7A Drills I-NThe vocabulary list you must study for the quiz for Lesson 7B is quite long. We suggest you start studying it early.
2-2 L.7A Application Exercises
Review L.4-5:

  • Please memorize L.4B CC3 and L.5B CC2 again.
  • Go over the classifiers in L.4 and L.5, and review the patterns
    • X wa Y dake desu ka?
    • Konna no o mittu kudasai
    • motto vs. moo
2-3 L.7B FACTNOTE: Again, we will practice the classifiers in ACT class, even if they are not on the vocabulary quiz. Learn them well! L.7B Vocabulary Quiz (Classifiers will not be included)
2-4 L.7B CCs 1-2
L.7B Drills A-H
3-1 L.7B L.7B CC 3
L.7B Drills I-NLesson 7 Reading (1-8) (PDF)
Don’t forget to turn in Particle Exercises.
3-2 Lesson 7 Reading (9, 10) (PDF)L.7B CC 4
L.7B Drills O-R
Lesson 7 Kanji Quiz: [Review]
4-1 L.8A L.7B Application Exercises Lesson Quiz 6, 7 [Review Lesson 6] [
4-2 L.8A FACT
L.8 Kanji Introduction: [Study On-line]NOTE: In Lesson 8 you will be learning a lot of classifiers. Please practice the new classifiers, as well as those already introduced, every day. You will be quizzed on the classifiers next week.
L.8A Vocabulary Quiz (Classifiers will not be included)
4-3 L.8A CCs 1-2
L.8A Drills A-F
4-4 L.8A CCs 3-4
L.8A Drills G-K
L.8A Application Exercises
5-1 L.8B L.8B FACT L.8B Vocabulary Quiz
5-2 L.8B CCs 1-2
L.8B Drills A-I
5-3 Lesson 8 Preliminary Reading (PDF)
Lesson 8 Reading (1-7) (PDF)
L.8B CCs 3-4
L.8B Drills J-N
5-4 L.8B Application Exercises Lesson Quiz 8 [Review]
6-1 L.9A *Grammar will get more difficult in this lesson. L.9A FACTL.9 Kanji Introduction: [Study On-line] L.9A Vocabulary Quiz
6-2 L.9A CCs 1-4
L.9A Drills A-H
6-3 L.9A CCs 5-6
L.9A Drills I-M
6-4 Lesson 8 Reading (8-10) (PDF)
L.9A Application Exercises
Lesson 8 Kanji Quiz: [Review]
7-1 L.9B Oral Interview 1
7-2 L.9B FACT L.9B Vocabulary Quiz
7-3 L.9B CCs 1-2
L.9B Drills A-H
7-4 L.9B CC 3
L.9B Drills I-L
8-1 L.9B, L.10A L.9B CCs 4-5
L.9B Drills M-Q
8-2 L.9B Application Exercises
Lesson 9 Reading (1-10) (PDF)
Lesson 9 Kanji Quiz: [Review]
8-3 L.9B Application Exercises Lesson Quiz 9 [Review]
8-4 L.10A FACT L.10A Vocabulary Quiz (Classifiers will not be included)
9-1 L.10A L.10A CC 1
L.10A Drills A-H
9-2 L.10A CC 2
L.10A Drills I-O
9-3 L.10A CCs 3, 4
L.10A Drills P-S
9-4 L.10A Application Exercises
Review CCs
L.10 Kanji Introduction: [Study on-line]
10-1 L.10B L.10B FACT L.10B Vocabulary Quiz
10-2 L.10B CC 1, 2
L.10B Drills A-H
10-3 L.10B CC 3, 4
L.10B Drills I-N
Lesson 10 Reading (1-9) (PDF)
10-4 Lesson 10 Reading (10) (PDF) Lesson Quiz 10 [Review]
11-1 L.11A L.11A FACT L.11A Vocabulary Quiz
11-2 L.11A CC 1
L.11A Drills A-I
Lesson 10 Kanji Quiz: [Review]
12-1 L.11A, L.11B L.11A CC 2
L.11A Drills J-Q
12-2 L.11A CC 3, 4
L.11A Application Exercises
12-3 L.11B FACT
Lesson 11 Reading (1-6) (PDF)
L.11B Vocabulary Quiz
12-4 L.11B CC 1, 3
L.11B Drills A-G
13-1 L.11B
L.11B CC 2
Lesson 11 Reading (7-8) (PDF)
L.11B Drills H-L
13-2 Review
13-3 Oral Interview 2
13-4 Hour Exam
14-1 L.12A L.12A FACT
14-2 L.12A CC 1, 2
L.12A Drills H-Q
14-3 L.12A CC 3
Lesson 11 Reading (9-11) (PDF)

Study Materials